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Welcome to our blogspot,us the Riverside and Deepsea Anglers Team or known as the R.D.A Team. Will update this blog with our activities especially fishing and will try to promote sportfishing in Brunei. Last but not least "When you know us,we will fish together".

R.D.A Team

"We are fisherman for life, We will always be fisherman, And its not something we do, It is who we are, Fishing is not an escape, Its where we belong, Where we are suppose to be, And its not a place, But a life long journey, It is a passage our father showed us, And that we will show others, When you understand all of this, You will know us, And we will fish together. . ."

Trip to Lubuk D'Guru : Code name : D'Guru & RDA Jenahak hunt!

Anglers : Dne (RDA), Dd (RDA) and D'SLy (D'Guru)

Catch : Umpak 3.3kg, sembilang 2.1kg, langisi 1kg, barahan sulit 700 gram, kirang-kirang roughly dalam 1kg

Spot : Lubuk D'Guru

Finally i'am able to fish at the d'guru hotspot. . .its was actually an unplanned trip in which after few disapppointment of our several boat trip (yg mcm² masalah) then Sly decide to bring us to their hotspot. Overall the trip was quite good except for no Jenahak aka bebarahan being landed that night. Had lots of strikes with bottom fishing, including few hard strikes and we're lucky to land some. Congratez to Dd,he finally have the chance to break his own personal record with Langisi arnd 1kg+ and for me myself, ws kinda frustrated abt i lost the fish that striked my popper and Sly caugth the biggest big as* fish that night showing us whos the man :p but yes with no jenahak being landed we'l never give up until we caught one. . .man its was a really great trip!


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