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Welcome to our blogspot,us the Riverside and Deepsea Anglers Team or known as the R.D.A Team. Will update this blog with our activities especially fishing and will try to promote sportfishing in Brunei. Last but not least "When you know us,we will fish together".

R.D.A Team

"We are fisherman for life, We will always be fisherman, And its not something we do, It is who we are, Fishing is not an escape, Its where we belong, Where we are suppose to be, And its not a place, But a life long journey, It is a passage our father showed us, And that we will show others, When you understand all of this, You will know us, And we will fish together. . ."

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Guys. . .i did alot of thinking. . .lots and lots of them. . .so just wanna inform u guys,m going to be away until. . .i don't know. . .so all the postings and articles jadi kaja c rudz!!!!!!! hahaha ok ok chow. . .


See. . . .told you!

See. . .i havent been blogging much. sigh. Only happened to have time posting with my phone. .i even told my friends that i dont have time even to check my email!! Geela!! *and yes one of the reason why s bcoz i havent repair my laptop* but lets put that aside. .see i've been busy with work and my hockey training lately. .won our 2nd last match on saturday. .and now back to work. .and owhh yes,went to Angels beach for yudy's b'day,it was totally awesome!! And yes at first wasnt quite knowing the guests but then after quite awhile. .everyone was indeed there!! I met my old frens whom i hvnt met for years!! Glad glad glad. . !

So. .believe it or not. .i've been creating this post since morning,everytime i'm free,i added up something. .so it pretty much quite random. .

Btw i did went fishing with Sly,and that was last Friday night,went wv Jim who offered fishing with his boat. .quite a trip tho. .will post all the updates later*hoping* sigh. .its really hard not having a laptop. Geezz.

Owhh thats all for now,perhaps u guys wana see some updates with pics*i know* but yes will try my best. .owhh owhh yes i'm planning a boat trip this weekend. .as a last trip of ramadhan * praying *

Ok gotta bounce now. .have work to do. .later!!


Why why why

Right now m on my way bck to bndr frm lumut. .i knw i knw u wud ask whois driving,its my frn. .well its bn realy exhausting dis few days. .ive bn training at lumut hockey pitch for lyk 2days dh now. .no! Dnt ask me how ws it. .its damn tiring. Sigh.

Anyhow bn involvd in alot of issues and conversations. .abt fishing,mainly on udang galah lh and how we mis fishing at anduki park:-S kn fishing sna esok ey. .its bn awhile since i went for training at lumut. .i mis d.place d.field. .d.smell of being on d.pitch,owhh so undescribeable. .ive bn wv hockey since lyk ages dh. .bck during secondary,i used to play at d.ubd field n at d.stadium. .bn realy passionate abt it evr since. .wel i did cme across injuries,some are just light but remembering d.heavy injuries i had. .whoa. Stil remember i cnt walk for months!!

Back to fishing. .owh i realy mis it. .setting up my sets then hook d.bait and cast it. .then sitting down wv my frns blabbing abt how we wish d.nxt strike wud b a big gme fish. .ehe yes Selalu:-D ehe tapi 'terus terang' and 'sejujurnya' *cm kata sii Lihan;-)* m missing d.big gme fish action. sigh. Thinkin of goin later bt sapa kn dngnkn?:-S yes Slalu. nada dngn. .sbar sja. .

And i hve this lil thing i wna share,ive bn adoring dis blog,i kept on checking d.blog for updates*cnt help it baa* so so so. . .intresting:$ bt yes shud i tell d.owner or js keep it to myself?haha yes yes i knw it weird bt yes dats d.truth. .

Anyhow one last thought. .i miss my Tee,sapa ambil??:-S


Jenahak a.k.a Bebarahan Hunt Part II

To be updated soon~ *Jgn marah guys*

Its been really hectic this few days,yatah kn smpi na dpt update apa²,my laptop koma*yes i know i shud bought a new one dah* and *yes its time* shadapp!!!

Anyhow. . .

hmmmm. . . .

its late and m sleepy. . .

gotta work. . .

Too be continued~


Just feel like posting my thoughts

*Yawn*m at work now,doing nothing and getting bored,the countess time i yawnd showd how bored and sleepy i'am. .

My mates?well we'r lyk scattered arnd in groups,ech of them talking abt diffrnt topics and me?m sitting at d.corner of tiny lil filthy ro0m*filthy huh?* viewing blogs wv this phne of mine*bckground song, Jason Mraz 'im yours' :-P and yes evn my eyes r lookin at my phne bt my ears listenin to not 2 bt 4 diffrent conversations and yes m nt evn able to catch one in a whole:-D

And yes m totaly bored so i decide to post this thoughts of mine. .wel being lyk dis,how i wish m out der fishing! God! perhaps m able to land a massive GT's o anythng js to cure this boredom of mine!!

Dont wory much abt wat i'm trying to say here tho,i knw i kept on jumpin here and der. .bt hey! Who cares?at least m giving my thoughts here! Hello~

Ey ey its close to brktym now! Cnt wait cnt wait cnt wait!! Ehe:-P

Ok ok dats for now!! Later

-boredom of mine-
Dne. . .

GT Popping info


Getting stuck into big fish in reefy terrain on mega heavy popper tackle is about as extreme as modern Sportfishing can get.

A buckled over rod pumping out 20kg of drag is a sight that needs to be seen to be believed. Accompanied by the high-pitched hum of braid rocketing through the guides, coupled with sweat and sheer determination, this is what heavy popping is all about.

Popping the reef edges and steep drop-off zones is where the bad boys come out to play. The fish encountered here literally blow smoke in your face. They’re big, mean and they live to destroy your popper.

The purpose of this article is to give you a general introduction on the tackle, techniques and some locations involved in heavy popping. Do you want to triumph over some colossal customers that would eat Dirty Harry for breakfast? Read on…


A quality high-speed threadline that is capable of high drag settings and able to hold at least 250 metres of 50lb GSP braid is mandatory for heavy popping. A lower geared threadline is also acceptable but can require a lot more effort and work from the angler.

Reels such as the Shimano Spheros, Penn Spinfisher and Daiwa Saltiga Blast provide choice for anglers on a budget. The addition of aftermarket upgrades (such as Carbontex drag washers) is highly recommended.

At the higher end of the market, the Shimano Stella, Daiwa Saltiga and Dogfight and the Accurate Twinspin rule supreme. Tough as nails, these reels have been purpose-built for applications such as heavy popping. Sporting quality drags that can produce 20kg plus of gut-wrenching drag straight out of the box and regularly locked up to the point where other reels would wet themselves, you can really see why they can leave a rather big hole in your pocket!

If you invest in a reel like this, make sure you buy an extra spool to fill with more braid; you never know when you may have to up the odds with a heavier line class or recover from a spooling.


Extreme forces and pressures mean that rods must be capable of virtually ‘bending over backwards’ with drag settings that would rip the arms off an average angler. With grunt in the butt to pull a tractor but enough action in the tip to impart action on a pencil popper, specialist popper rods define the term ‘cutting-edge’.

Many of these specialised rods are coming from the Japanese market and can be upwards of $1000. Light, robust and hand-crafted like a piece of art, they feel more like a perfectly balanced Samurai sword than a fishing rod! And just as deadly too! If you are willing to part with the cash, rods from the likes of Fisherman, Carpenter, Seven Seas & Zenaq all have models specifically designed with the heavy popping angler in mind.

The Shimano T-Curve Bluewater spin rod or one of the Daiwa Saltiga models provides a good off-the-rack option for those looking to kick-start their heavy popping account. This rod is ideal for 50lb tackle and can knock over some serious fish. Any desire to go heavier will require a custom rod or one of the Japanese rods already mentioned.

With heavy popping popularity now on the increase, many rod builders have recipes for some lethal popping rods. Quality blanks up to the job are coming from the likes of Calstar & GUSA. My personal rod of choice has been built on a Calstar blank that is capable of handling 100-130lb braid, I find it much more comfortable to use and preferable to Japanese models that I have used in the past. Discuss options with your preferred rod builder or ask a tackle shop for more information.

With all that being said, we can’t forget old favourites such as beefy Ugly Stiks. Such rods are more than capable of knocking over reasonable fish, however, don’t expect them to last for too much longer under heavy popping stress!


A mainline of 50-80lb GSP is preferred for most popping anglers. These line classes are recommended to help achieve maximum casting distance whilst also providing enough grunt to apply significant pressure on a fish.

An increasing number of anglers have progressed beyond 80lb up to classes as heavy as 130lb. These line classes provide more room for the angler to apply maximum pressure and increased diameter for extra abrasion resistance. The potential to subdue a fish much quicker and to help ensure a faster and safer return to the water are additional advantages. Be warned, these line classes are not for the faint hearted: if you are not prepared for the strike or do not have your technique correct, you could be going for a swim!

Tried and tested brands such as Power Pro and Tuf Line XP are cost-effective and reliable choices. Japanese braids such as Daiwa Hyper Sensor, YGK Jig Man and Varivas Avani GT are also very good but considerably more expensive.


A nylon or fluorocarbon leader of between 2 – 5 metres in length is necessary for heavy popping. A shorter leader is usually used to keep the connection between the mainline and leader outside the rod tip. This helps eliminate the connection itself from becoming wrapped and snagged on the guides. A longer leader is used to help add more shock absorption (helps combat shock-load and to minimise hook pulls) and for increased abrasion resistance around the reef zone.

Tried and tested brands include Suffix, Moimoi and YGK. A minimum of 100-150lb breaking strain is required for lighter mainline classes and between 150-300lb is common for heavier classes.

Twisted leaders can be very useful in heavy popping, however, they are beyond the scope of this article. Further information can be found on the internet.

Knots & Connections

The ability to tie an array of knots with confidence and speed is essential, you will simply waste your time and money if you can’t. Leaders and connections should be prepared prior to hitting the water. Tying a double at the end of the mainline is necessary to attach the leader. In my opinion, the best way to form this double is through the use of a 70-turn (minimum) Bimini Twist, however, if you want to steer clear of doubles, tying a Midknot to attach the leader is the next preference. I prefer a smaller double (no more than a few inches) in order to help minimise hang-ups and snagging on the rod guides. To complete the connection, I use the Bristol or ‘No-name’ knot. Very quick and easy to tie, this knot is best used when casting with a leader that is outside the rod tip. Alternatively, you can use an Albright knot. The next part of the equation is connecting the leader to the swivel or solid ring. My favourite and most reliable knot for this purpose is the four-turn uni knot. Make sure you lubricate adequately and pull the knot as tight as you can with the aid of pliers. Stiffer and harder leader material may require the use of a heavy duty crimp in place of a knot. You can search the internet for details on how to tie these knots or stuffy one of Geoff Wilson’s excellent knot books.

Terminal Hardware

Heavy popping can be merciless on tackle. Warped trebles and opened split-rings are more than possible so it pays not to compromise. Factory fitted trebles and split-rings are usually inferior and should be abandoned immediately if you want to achieve success in this big fish arena. Split rings & solid rings should be high quality brands such as Owner, Decoy and Fisherman. Lighter & heavier line classes should use at minimum 200lb and 300lb respectively. Trebles should be high quality brands such as Owner, Decoy, Gamakatsu and Fisherman. Treble size will depend on size of lure and tackle setup being used. Minimum treble sizes are 5/0 – 6/0, while heavier setups using bigger lures and generally targeting bigger fish using 6/0 – 10/0 trebles. Crush or file down the barbs on these hooks to avoid damage to fish and angler and secondly, to help speed up the release process. Hooks should always be kept sharp to ensure best penetration. Swivels should be high quality brands such as Owner, Decoy and Fisherman. I have also found Wilson to manufacture very good and reliable swivels. Breaking strains are the same for split ring and solid ring recommendations.


Most heavy popping is done in the tropics. Just about any reef system with current and steep drop-offs will produce results. Reef points with breaking waves and white foamy water can hold some mammoth fish that you will wish you had never hooked!


There are three styles of retrieve technique that are effective for heavy popping:

Chugging & Blooping

Involves working the popper to create a big and visible surface commotion with long pauses in between. Leaving the popper stationary for a few seconds or winding very slowly until the next ‘bloop’ or ‘chug’ is up to angler preference. This style is best achieved by moving the rod from a forward position (in front of you) and then jerking back towards your body, or, by placing the rod in a forward horizontal position then giving a big jerk to the appropriate side. Effective in all sea conditions.


Involves working the popper quickly to imitate a fleeing and frightened baitfish. This style is best achieved by positioning your rod in a forward position, holding the rod tip high and cranking as quickly as possible. Add some up and down movement with your rod-holding hand with some occasional pauses thrown in. Deadly and effective. If you can see a big fish shadowing, slow down! This style works best in low swell and wind conditions.

Mix It Up

This style involves a combination of both styles described above. Seems to be the solution when fishing is quiet.


Big solid poppers with a deep-cupped face are great for heavy popping in all conditions (especially heavy swell). Length should be at least 15-20cm and weigh at least 120g with terminals. Used to create big and almost violent displacements of water, it is sure to be a magnet for any big predator. Effective with ‘chugging & blooping’ retrieval technique. Long and slender poppers known as pencil poppers are great for heavy popping in calmer conditions (but can be used in all). Length should be at least 20-25cm and weigh at least 120g with terminals. Used to create continuous foaming wakes of water, this popper is best used with a flat-out retrieval technique. Stickbaits are also popular, although they are not really a popper. Stickbaits are very similar to pencil poppers however they lack a cupped face and are generally shorter. Much easier to work than other poppers, stickbaits jerk and twist erratically upon retrieval. Best used in calmer conditions popper with a flat-out retrieval technique with short pauses and jerks thrown in for variety.

Hints & Tips

  • Heavy popping is physically demanding - so get fit.
  • 3-5 aggressive rod thrusts after the hook-up will help drive home barbless hooks.
  • Practice your cast – being able to cast 60 metres is a bare minimum (the further, the better).
  • Go easy on drag settings until you know your capabilities – only the sharks want you to go for a swim!
  • Get some lightweight gloves suitable for handling GSP braid (some are marketed as ‘spectra resistant’).
  • Use a gimble or special padded rod belt.
  • Expect to catch trevally species, mackerel, cods & groupers, tunas, barracuda, jobfish, red bass and other species that call tropical reefs their home.
Article as reported by Luke Wrysta @ Gtpopping.com

Trip to Lubuk D'Guru : Code name : D'Guru & RDA Jenahak hunt!

Anglers : Dne (RDA), Dd (RDA) and D'SLy (D'Guru)

Catch : Umpak 3.3kg, sembilang 2.1kg, langisi 1kg, barahan sulit 700 gram, kirang-kirang roughly dalam 1kg

Spot : Lubuk D'Guru

Finally i'am able to fish at the d'guru hotspot. . .its was actually an unplanned trip in which after few disapppointment of our several boat trip (yg mcm² masalah) then Sly decide to bring us to their hotspot. Overall the trip was quite good except for no Jenahak aka bebarahan being landed that night. Had lots of strikes with bottom fishing, including few hard strikes and we're lucky to land some. Congratez to Dd,he finally have the chance to break his own personal record with Langisi arnd 1kg+ and for me myself, ws kinda frustrated abt i lost the fish that striked my popper and Sly caugth the biggest big as* fish that night showing us whos the man :p but yes with no jenahak being landed we'l never give up until we caught one. . .man its was a really great trip!