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Welcome to our blogspot,us the Riverside and Deepsea Anglers Team or known as the R.D.A Team. Will update this blog with our activities especially fishing and will try to promote sportfishing in Brunei. Last but not least "When you know us,we will fish together".

R.D.A Team

"We are fisherman for life, We will always be fisherman, And its not something we do, It is who we are, Fishing is not an escape, Its where we belong, Where we are suppose to be, And its not a place, But a life long journey, It is a passage our father showed us, And that we will show others, When you understand all of this, You will know us, And we will fish together. . ."

Just feel like posting my thoughts

*Yawn*m at work now,doing nothing and getting bored,the countess time i yawnd showd how bored and sleepy i'am. .

My mates?well we'r lyk scattered arnd in groups,ech of them talking abt diffrnt topics and me?m sitting at d.corner of tiny lil filthy ro0m*filthy huh?* viewing blogs wv this phne of mine*bckground song, Jason Mraz 'im yours' :-P and yes evn my eyes r lookin at my phne bt my ears listenin to not 2 bt 4 diffrent conversations and yes m nt evn able to catch one in a whole:-D

And yes m totaly bored so i decide to post this thoughts of mine. .wel being lyk dis,how i wish m out der fishing! God! perhaps m able to land a massive GT's o anythng js to cure this boredom of mine!!

Dont wory much abt wat i'm trying to say here tho,i knw i kept on jumpin here and der. .bt hey! Who cares?at least m giving my thoughts here! Hello~

Ey ey its close to brktym now! Cnt wait cnt wait cnt wait!! Ehe:-P

Ok ok dats for now!! Later

-boredom of mine-
Dne. . .


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